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June 06, 2006

I saw Fred Stoller: 2 points

I made a quick trip to Los Angeles last week and had hoped to spot a celebrity, since my blog has been somewhat lacking of late. Unfortunately, the one person I saw just barely qualifies. Fred Stoller, barely a celebrity
In any case, that person was Fred Stoller, standup comedian and frequent TV show guest star.

For those who've forgotten, we start him off with 5 points.

First, the fact that it took me half an hour on the Internet to find his name means he's not exactly a superstar. -3 points.

I saw him at the Farmer's Market at The Grove. +1 for being a good spot to see celebrities. However, he was with two people who were both unrecognizable. -1 point, because celebrities are supposed to hang out with other celebrities. (What, Ray Romano wasn't available?)

-2 points of beauty factor, for obvious reasons.
-2 points Star Wars factor.

+1 for guesting on Everybody Loves Raymond, but -1 for being a very annoying character (though, yes, that was intentional). +1 for writing two episodes of Seinfeld.

And finally, +2 for being a frequent guest on the gone-but-not-forgotten Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist. By the way, Dr. Katz is finally out on DVD! (Season 1, at least.)

Anyway, final score: 2 points. Hardly worth the 6-hour drive from San Francisco.

Posted by JoshHornik at June 6, 2006 11:29 PM


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