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July 18, 2006

Sumo Update - Day 10

Asashoryu still undefeated. It's the 12th time he's gone 10-0 and of the 11 previous times, he won the tournament every time. He's the only undefeated wrestler left, as usual.

Hakuho lost another, so it's not looking like he's going to make Yokozuna, but you never know.

10-0: Asashoryu
9-1: Chiyotaikai, Tamanoshima, Tamakasuga
8-2: Hakuho, Tochiazuma
7-3: Kaio
6-4: Koto'oshu, Baruto
3-7: Takamisakari

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July 16, 2006

Sumo Update from Nashville

No, Sumo isn't in Nashville. I am, but the tournament goes on, so here's a quick report.

It is day 8, halfway through the tournament, and anyone who wondered if Asashoryu's elbow injury from last tournament would still be hurting him this time got their answer. Asashoryu is 8-0 and tied for the lead. Also 8-0 is Tochiazuma -- he needed 8 wins to stay at Ozeki next tournament -- i guess that wasn't a problem.
Last tournament's winner Hakuho is looking for another win to make Yokozuna. But he suffered a shocking loss on day 1. However, since then, he's won every match, so he's right in it.
Also 7-1: Chiyotaikai. Other ozeki's: Koto'oshu at 6-2 and Kaio at 5-3.
Miyabiyama is trying to get promoted back to Ozeki, but it doesn't look good, since he's only 4-4.
And the giant Baruto is down to 5-3 after losing 2 in a row.

8-0: Asashoryu, Tochiazuma
7-1: Hakuho, Chiyotaikai, Tamanoshima, Tamakasuga
6-2: Koto'oshu
5-3: Kaio, Kotomitsuki, Baruto

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