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August 03, 2006

Final update - Sumo July Tournament

Much delayed, but here's the final results of the sumo tournament:

Asashoryu back in the winner's circle. It was his 17th championship.
However, he did lose a match -- on the final day, to Hakuho. Hakuho ended up 13-2. Not good enough to get a promotion to Yokozuna, but it was good enough to keep Yokozuna hopes alive for next tournament. If he wins in September, and probably if he wins 13 or more matches, he'll be promoted.
The rest of the Ozeki's were all pretty average: Chiyotaikai 9-6, Kaio 9-6, Koto'oshu 8-7, Tochiazuma 8-7.
Baruto didn't quite dominate like I thought he would -- his march to Ozeki slows, but he will move up next tournament. He finished 9-6.

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